SCAM Alert – by CCB

Scam Alert!


From Oregon Construction Contractors Board


Beware of Unlicensed Paving Contractors Scamming Homeowners

Paving scams are common, especially at this time of year. Here’s a recent situation that has come to our attention:

       An Oregon residence near Salem was solicited with an offer to apply leftover asphalt on their driveway for           $1,000. The property owner accepted. The crew spread out reclaimed asphalt (RAP) cold mix, then changed         the price to $6,000. They intimidated the customer to pay money in cash and would not accept a check.

       The culprits drove a black full-size pickup and a white pickup modified with a dump truck back half. Both             vehicles bore California plates. They provided a receipt for a fictitious company, Stark Paving out of                       Sacramento, CA, however, the address is for a storage company. They are not licensed through the                       California State Licensing Board.

This is a classic paving scam. Scammers go door to door peddling low prices for driveway repaving. They may do some work, then increase the price. They use intimidation to make homeowners pay higher prices than what was originally quoted. When the work is done, it often washes away with the rain. 

Incidents like this happen all over the country, and they’re happening in Oregon right now. You can protect yourself. Some tips:

  • Don’t be pressured by door-to-door sales people.  Note: A Solicitation Permit is required by the City of Irrigon to go door to door.
  • Contact more than one contractor before hiring someone.
  • Always check the liscense through the CCB’s website. Only hire contractors with an active license and a license history you feel comfortable with.
  • Get a contract.
  • Check references.
  • Don’t pay cash.
  • Exercise extra caution when a paving contractor displays out of state license plates.

Do you think paving scammers are operating in your area?  Report unlicensed contractors to the CCB and non-permited solicitors to the city.  

Have questions about checking a license? Call CCB at 503-378-4621.

And remember – if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.