In June 2009, the final proposal for the Irrigon Highway 730 Streetscape Projects was presented to ODOT. After review and some minor revisions, the final proposal is before the City Council for approval – expected in November 2009

The Final Proposal Draft can be seen here: 1. FINAL_Irrigon Downtown Master Plan and Streetscape Plan_JUNE 2009.pdf.

On May 13th 2009, the revised proposal for the Irrigon Downtown and Highway 730 Streetscape Projects was presented to the Technical Advisory Committee. The revised proposal incorporated the results of the public Open House Meeting on March 31st and TAC meeting of April 6th. The proposal was reviewed by the TAC and was sent back to Kittelson and SERA for minor revisions.

The Irrigon Downtown Open House Meeting was held on March 31st. SERA Architects and Kittelson and Associates presented the three different downtown framework options as well as the highway 730 streetscape options, highway and downtown street cross section options and street furniture options.

Feedback from citizens was collected and presented to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)on Monday, April 6th 2009. The TAC observations and recommendations were collected and will be updated and incorporated into a proposal that is expected to be made public in mid-May. After a public review and comment period, an updated plan will be presented to the City Council. If approved by the Council, the plan will be incorporated into the City of Irrigon Comprehensive Development Plan.

On March 23rd, 2009, Vicki Dugger of the Oregon Main Street Program gave a public presentation regarding the Main Street Program plus development and promotional opportunities for Irrigon. She briefly described the Main Street Program and presented her impression of Irrigon from a visitors perspective. She then tied her observations in with suggestions for future development and promotional ideas. The Main Street Program centers around a four part plan designed to revitalize small town downtown business districts. Of the four parts of the Main Street plan ( Organization, Design, Economic Revitalization and Promotion) Irrigon is well along in the design process, is not yet ready to develop a full Main Street organization, needs an economic development plan and has the greatest short term opportunities in promotion. Learn more about Oregon Main Street and the Oregon Economic and Community Development Dept.

Background: The Irrigon Downtown and Highway 730 Streetscape Framework plan is a long term effort that began in earnest in 2006 when SERA Architects and Kittelson & Associates were tasked by the city with investigating and recommending possible downtown locations and development visions.

This work built on efforts of the city (and citizenry) to create and improve public areas in Irrigon. These efforts include the Don Baxter Skate Park, The Irrigon Marina Park, the new City Hall, obtaining and developing the abandoned railway belt and turning it into parks, greenbelt and public buildings etc. There is broad based citizen support for creating a focal area to define the city, create a sense of community that matches Irrigon’s small town values and to provide a framework for economic development.

In late 2008, SERA Architects and Kittelson & Associates were invited to return and prepare a comprehensive plan for a downtown framework and Highway 730 streetscape. After holding meetings with the Technical Advisory Committee and soliciting public input at a Town Meeting Workshop, three proposals for a downtown framework and Highway 730 streetscape were prepared.

The three proposals have been reviewed by the Technical Advisory Committee (an advisory board consisting of representatives from City of Irrigon Council, Planning Commission, Public Works and City Management, Morrow County Sheriff’s Office, Irrigon Fire Protection District, ODOT and Morrow County Land Use and Development). The proposals will now be presented for public comment before a plan is selected and recommended for adoption.

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