Procedures for Abandoned and/or Dogs at Large

The following are procedures (steps) to ensure clear and consistent processing of dogs that may be abandoned or running at large. A key element is that all dogs are to be licensed and current with rabies vaccinations at all times, per City of Irrigon Municipal Code.

  1. If there is an abandoned dog(s) a person, City staff or Morrow County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) representative or Pet Rescue will call the issue (violation/complaint) into Morrow County Dispatch to log a call which creates an incident number.
  1. The incident number will be what tracks the situation and event (time, location, person(s) making call, address (nearest cross-streets) and any pertinent information).
  1. Individuals, staff, MCSO representatives should check with City Hall to see if there is a dog that has already been licensed or is reported missing. Additionally, neighbors within the vicinity of the “dog at large” should be contacted to see if may from the local area before considering transportation.
  1. An at large or abandoned/at large dog may be transported by an individual, staff or MCSO representative after receiving an incident number by calling into Morrow County Dispatch. Any individual transporting should have an Incident Number or they may be responsible for paying the charge at Pet Rescue (Hermiston, OR). Pet Rescue may assist by calling Morrow County Dispatch who could issue an incident number.
  1. If dog(s) are transported, individual, staff or MCSO representative will ensure the Incident number is recorded on the receiving receipt at Pet Recue. The yellow copy is to be turned into City Hall within seven business days. If after hours the yellow copy may be placed in the outside drop box on the east end of the building (between City Hall and the large parking lot).
  1. The current fine amount for a dog at large or non-license is $300.00.

This procedure is effective on June 26, 2017.