Enhancing Irrigon Properties Policy

90 Day Temporary Measure

Begins 6/17/2020; Ends 9/20/2020 for May 30th Storm Related Issues

Statement of Purpose:

The Irrigon City Council desires to support property owners with the process of eliminating nuisance issues or properties desiring to improve and beautify their respective properties.  This program is 2-fold and is a Grant Incentive Program from funds provided by the Columbia River Enterprise Zone (CREZ) II Board.


The Grant Incentive Program (Enhancing Irrigon Properties) is an opportunity to partner with individuals, businesses and property owners to enhance and beautify our community.

This program will be volunteer in nature and fiscally supported by resources made available from various grants, CREZ II Enhancement funds, or committed City resources by the City Council for properties within the City limits.


For many years properties in North Morrow County (97844 zip code area) have struggled with nuisance and property maintenance/beautification issues. 

In the spring of 2015 the CREZ II Board focused on four (4) key element areas (education, housing, safety, and enhancement) to provide fiscal strength and opportunity to communities across Morrow County.

Irrigon has been a recipient of both housing and enhancement awards.  Each of these programs has been very successful and the City desires to see this process continue and grow.  The first Enhancement award afforded the community to provide such enhancements as hanging baskets, walking path extension, new U. S. flags for Hwy 730, and Desert Lawn Cemetery enhancements.

In February 2016 Irrigon was awarded $140,000 for enhancements.  At the February 16, 2016, City Council meeting the council voted to set aside $50,000 to be used specifically for cleaning up and improving (beautifying) properties.  At the beginning of 2018 it became evident that this is an area which is continuing to grow. in need of growth of available resources.

Areas of Emphasis:

There are two (2) elements/parts to this policy.  One element is for nuisance abatement and the other is for outside property improvements.  The policy is administered by the City Manager of Irrigon or designee.  All applicants will fully comply with specifics of the enhancement element.  Failure to fully comply and complete the agreed to process may result in a citation and/or property lien to allow the City to recover failed award(s).

City staff will establish procedures and processes, to include application and award approval, to ensure success of this program which ultimately will enhance and spruce up the Irrigon Community, creating strong curb appeal and beautification of the Irrigon area.

Both elements are available across the entire 97844 zip code area from funds provided, other than City Resources.  Individuals and businesses must fill out the established application, with a $50.00 application fee, and meet requirements as required under the specific enhancement element.  Each developed property may qualify and participate no more than once within a five-year period for either award.  Only one award, of either nuisance compliance or outside property improvement per platted property may be granted, but not both during the five-year period.   

Nuisance Abatement must be a known and verified nuisance issue and will be reviewed and approved by the City Manager or the Morrow County Planning Director or their respective designee for their respective nuisance applications.

Property Improvement applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of Irrigon City Manager, Morrow County Planning Director, an Irrigon member of the City Council, a member of Irrigon within the City limits, and a member of the community outside the city limits in the 97844 zip code area, all appointed by the Irrigon City Council.

 Enhancement Elements:

  • Nuisance Abatement:  The maximum award for this element is $1,000 and does not require a dollar match.  Awarded applicants will be provided a voucher or purchase order number to be used through Sanitary Disposal.

Process may take place by use of a dumpster or personally transporting to the Hermiston Transfer Station.

Recipients are required to complete clean-up within 15 days.  Time begins when applicant receives signed (authorized) award.

Any charges beyond the maximum award amount are the sole responsibility of the applicant and/or property owner.  Any renter must have the property owner sign and make the grant application process.

Failure of awardee to maintain property in accordance with established ordinances may subject them and/or their property to charges, lien or both.  Applicant must sign a lien agreement as part of the award.  Lien agreement will be returned following successful project completion.

Multiple properties/individuals may work together to achieve the greatest result in enhancing and cleaning up their properties and community.

  • Property Improvement:  The maximum award for this element is up to $2,000.  Awarded applicants must have a minimum match of 25% if contracting out services or a 10% match is required for doing the work by oneself.  Half of the award will be provided up front with the balance following completion.  No match for the May 30th Storm related issues.

Applicant(s) must provide a detailed project expense plan (budget with estimates provided as justification) with a projected completion date and pre-project photos and description.  All projects are recommended to be completed within 1 year from the award. Storm related project to be completed within 1 year.

Applicant(s) must sign a formal agreement with the jurisdiction authorizing a lien if the project fails to be completed within the agreed to timeframe.  Lien agreement will be returned following successful project completion.

To ensure compliance/completion pre and post photos, with date stamp, are to be provided along with receipts.

Property Improvement projects are limited to outside premises; landscaping, front porches-see permit requirements, underground sprinkler systems-see permit requirements, tree pruning and removal, plantings, painting, improved driveways, and fencing-see permit requirements. Project work must be visible from the roadway facing the property.  No interior or non-visible backyard work shall be allowed.  If annotated as part of the project the application will be denied.

Any charges beyond the maximum award amount are the sole responsibility of the applicant and/or property owner.  Any renter must have the property owner sign and make the grant application process.

Project items started before award are not covered under an award and will be deducted from any project award amount.

May 30, 2020 Storm Related Measures

  • Approval under this measure allows for roof, structure, and real property repairs across the entire property, including non-visible backyards.
  • The 5-year grant re-application is waived for properties during this 90-day temporary measure for storm related issues.
  • No match is required for approved storm related items (verified by the committee).
  • Maximum grant amount is $2,000.00.
  • Applies to all properties in the 97844 – zip code area.
  • Application fee of $50.00 applies but may be waived in some situations.
  • City staff to work on collecting logs left in the city right of way (ROW).
  • City staff to work on securing a vendor/contractor to assist in the removal/disposing of root balls from downed trees caused by the May 30, 2020 storm.


The intent of this award program is to assist individuals and properties on enhancing the greater Irrigon Community.  Providing such action will improve the livability and create pathways to economic improvement.

This policy amended and passed by the Common Council of the City of Irrigon and signed by the Mayor on this 16 day of June 2020.