Irrigon Housing Program Update


(Public Service Announcement)

Irrigon Housing Program

December 21, 2016

Contact:        Aaron Palmquist, Irrigon City Manager

541-922-3047 or

The City of Irrigon has modified the Housing Program that provides funding incentive in an effort to create

more residential units within the greater Irrigon zip code area.

Initial funding will be $50,000, administered through the Boardman Community Development Association

(BCDA). The purpose of the fund is to provide aid in increasing owner occupied, single family dwellings.


Purpose: To provide an incentive for a single-family home buyer that lives and works within Morrow County

with the Irrigon Zip code of Morrow County.

Maximum Amount per applicant: Varies – please see resolution No. 16-32 (attached)


  1. Attend a Home Buyers Training and obtain Home Buyer Training Certification
  2. Provide signed Closing Document (s)
  3. Provide copy of Pre-Approved lending document (s), if requested
  4. Provide a copy of the recorded deed

Terms: See conditions below.


Property must be located within the Irrigon zip code and may purchase an existing single-family.

dwelling or construct a new single-family dwelling.

Applicant must live and work within Morrow County

Applicant must attend Home Buyers Training prior to receiving this incentive.

Single family dwelling is to be applicant’s primary dwelling for five years.

The program may be temporarily suspended when 10 applicants are awaiting incentive funds. Program

may resume if and when the number is less than 10 applicants.

No funds will paid out till any/or all conditions are met, including submitted closing documents.

Funds are not guaranteed and are provided, as availability occurs, through the Columbia River

Enterprise II Board

Authorized in Resolution 16-32